Angst-Noland Project


Angst-Noland is a project facilitated by the ROI Africa Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership Network with the objective of promoting social inclusion through innovative ways, most importantly with the use of technology. Angst-Noland focuses on education, economics and finance by seeking to increase school readiness of children and the financial inclusion of the critical mass, targeting low-income and marginalized families. This year, the Angst-Noland project will be focused on the West African country of Ghana seeking to develop ways of improving the financial inclusion of the population through the use of mobile technology. For the app test, the first 100 participants from Ghana would receive 5GH¢ phone credit and the top 5 app users would be invited to a special event and given an android tablet. 

To Participate, click here:

– No academic background or work experience required.
– Participants will be paid a modest stipend directly (in Dollars or equivalent in local currency) and will have the opportunity to earn independently from their work.
– Chances of sealing a contract partnership agreement with the Angst-Noland Social Inclusion Project.
– Eligibility to participate in subsequent Angst-Noland projects outside your home country.
– Opportunity to work with a community of experts and expand your network.
– Increased knowledge on Social Inclusion and Data Analysis.
– Flexibility of time and location.

How to use the app:
– Download app:
– Install and take profile picture TWICE in a bright place
– Input your phone number
– Set your passwords

For inquiries, contact Support via WhatsApp: