Reach-Out Integrated (ROI) is a registered civic responsibility and social development organization committed to meeting the community’s social needs and developing young dynamic leaders who will close-up Africa’s leadership deficits and redefine the future of the continent. ROI recognizes that raising a new generation of leaders with a passion for social service and civic engagement is critical to the development of Africa’s future. ROI has inspired young people to engage in social entrepreneurship through its uniquely structured programs. We continue to build a great community of emerging African leaders through our innovative social leadership initiatives, we unleash the unexpected potential in Africa by tracking down the best and the brightest youth leaders, bringing them together, and motivating them on a path to success. Whether it’s social entrepreneurs or civil leaders, impact investors or philanthropists, or business leaders who want to use their acumen to change Africa — ROI catalyzes the ability of leaders with purpose to drive social progress further and faster. We seek to raise leaders who will lead professionally and ethically, who will not just initiate but also execute ideas that would transform their immediate communities and organizations for the better thus contributing to Africa’s development. Our message to young people is – ‘Dare to Dream’

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