The GYA fellowship program is an ambassadorial appointment that allows young people who are self-driven and passionate to contribute to make the world a better place. GYA fellows carryout projects in their local communities, further the objects of ROI Africa and provide mentorship to young people. ROI Africa currently has over 500 fellows from 43 countries. Under the new policy framework, aspiring ambassadors must now volunteer with a growing social enterprise or engage in personal community service.


  • No academic background or work experience required.
  • Participant becomes a ROI Africa Global Youth Ambassador Fellow upon completion of the program.
  • Access to career development offers, consultancy and free mentorship.
  • Qualification for the GRiN Innovation School.
  • Chances of securing a full-time paid job opportunity.
  • Access to the latest opportunities such as conferences, scholarships, exchange programs, internships, fellowships etc.
  • Opportunity to volunteer with a fast-growing social enterprise within or outside your home country or engage in personal community service.
  • Eligibility to participate in an Annual General Conference of Entrepreneurs.
  • Opportunity to be part of a growing network/community of dynamic young African leaders.
  • Platform to carry-out ideas and socially-oriented programs.
  • Optional reference.
  • Certificate.


  • Must be a native African or dual national of an African country.
  • Must be resident in Africa.
  • Must be between 15-38 years.
  • Must be willing and fully available to serve.
  • Good communication skills and abilities.

Application Process:

Application is online via:

Deadline: Ongoing