The Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership course is the second initiative facilitated by the ROI Africa E-Learning Network. The course in Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership (SEAL) introduces how social businesses can bring significant positive changes to a local community, and reviews the techniques needed to run successful social development projects. The course will be of great interest to professionals or volunteers working in community development and with community organisations. It will also be of interest to leadership enthusiasts and learners who would like to know more about community development and its role in changing and improving the society.


  • Endorsed Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership.
  • Enhanced knowledge in Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership (SEAL).
  • Self-paced E-Learning.
  • No academic background or work experience required.
  • No age restrictions.
  • Online Mentoring.
  • Optional reference.
  • Access to career development offers, consultancy and career advisory.
  • Qualification for the GRiN Innovation School.
  • Direct membership to the Lagos/Kumasi Entrepreneurship Club.
  • Enrollment, club membership, examination, tuition, certificate and lecture materials are ALL covered. Participants are required to contribute a subsidized administrative fee to the scheme, this is collected from applicants who have been accepted as a participant.


  • Must have good command of English Language.
  • Must have keen interest in Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership.
  • Must have the time and dedication.

Application Process:

Application/Enrollment is online via: (Nigeria and Ghana only) (Rest of the World)

Deadline: Ongoing

***Candidates who enroll via our platform should please contact us for certification details.